Monthly Archives: December 2008

2008 Redux

So 2008 is just about in the books and its time to reflect.  2008 will probably be remembered as one of the most tumultuous years of our generation.  We faced a Recession which felt more like a Depression, potential deflation, $140/barrel of oil, a financial crisis (thank you SEC for not monitoring OTC credit swaps), a $60 Billion Ponzi scheme, a bank bailout, a automaker bailout, and a real estate correction!  With all this stuff it’s a wonder that most of us survived 2008 (I guess what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger?).  That’s a preposterous number of things to go wrong in one year, but there were a few bright spots in 2008.  How will you remember 2008?

I’ll remember 2008 as the Year of Social Media.  Social networking, micro blogging, wireless applications, crowdsourcing, and   widgets/apps on networks were a big part of the what I saw grow up this past year.

Facebook continued to develop its platform with Facebook Connect and is still growing at a fast pace. MySpace grew its application platform, and LinkedIn even joined the fray with a application platform of it’s own.

Twitter leaped the chasm from innovators to mainstream, while Pownce closed its virtual doors.

Wireless phones became all-in-one machines and text messaging appears to be like breathing air for many teens and even some adults.  The iPhone brought useful web applications to the palm of your hand.

Hulu, the online tv/video provider, amazed users with it’s vast library and ability to actually monetize content.

And for so many advancements this year, what really excites me it the infancy of the Web 2.0 or as it should be called now, Web 3.0.  New expressions with ample bandwidth and tools to share new content to users across the world are enabling creative minds to redefine what was commonplace.  At some point a picture will become a long portrait, social networks will learn how to monetize their services, and new ways of communicating will become commonplace.

Here’s to looking forward to 2009!

Why I Blog and You Should Too

I’ve been blogging off and on about various subjects ranging from college football to marketing for about 4 years now.  I’ve tried many of the blogging services and recently decided to switch to WordPress. Most of my efforts have been very experimental, but nonetheless useful to me in many ways.  I’ve asked others if they’ve considered blogging and if not, why not?  Replies include “blogging is too much work” people tell me they’re afraid that people won’t like what they have to say or how they say it.  This got me thinking why I blog, and why I think anyone can benefit from blogging.

So why do I blog?

  1. Blogging gets me to reflect on my experiences.
  2. Blogging forces a deeper examination of my world and uncovers truths and opportunities otherwise lost in the firehouse that is my life (SERENITY now!!!).
  3. Blogging fosters learning, not only from your introspection, but also from other blogs you’ll start following and visitors who leave comments.
  4. Blogging is historical.  I get to keep a record of my life and thoughts allowing for future reflection down the road. After all history tends to reapeat itself, I might as well keep track of it!
  5. Blogging is FREE! and the returns are extremely high. Having tried many online marketing campaign and seeing how expensive they can be, the return from a blog is astronomically high.

Why should you blog?

  1. Blogging gets you into the conversation.
  2. Blogging opens your mind to possibilities you hadn’t considered before.
  3. Blogging is a great marketing tool.  Blogging builds the brand that is “You.”
  4. Blogging improves your communication skills.  Even if you aren’t great at first, you’ll gradually get better and increase your brand with a little practice.
  5. Blogging connects you with others.  Others can help you in your journey.

There are many virtues of blogging.  The fact that blogging is a free marketing tool and can help you be more strategic in your apporach to issues in your life should be enough to at least get you interested in blogging.  Maybe you blog already or maybe you blog in another medium.  Either way I encourage you to blog.  Don’t do it just because everyone is doing it, but because it’s a way to improve your understanding of the world and the brand that is “You.”