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Holey Doughnuts!! Free Krispy Kreme of Choice!!

Mmmm. Donuts.

Mmmm... Doughnuts.

I like doughnuts and with Krispy Kreme giving away a free doughnut of a customer’s choice to commemorate Inaguration Day, I’m going to be in fried dough heaven!

You may remember on Nov. 4th, 2008 Krispy Kreme offered a free star-shaped doughnut to celebrate election day.  What you may not know is that Krispy Kreme offers its visitors a free glazed doughnut during when fresh doughnuts are taken HOT off the conveyor belts that deliver the most delicious doughnuts around.

Krispy Kreme is a doughnut making machine with a cult like following.  They take pride in their doughnuts, have a huge revenue stream from resellers like grocery stores and are involved in the community. All this has transformed a small doughnut shop in North Carolina serving a French recipe (benieghs anyone?) doughnut into the billion dollar business that it is today.

When I used to think of Krispy Kreme my thought process went something like this:  amazingly doughy delicious hot glazed donughnuts.  When thinking about Dunkin’ Donuts I envisioned a tasty variety of donuts and some good coffee to wash them down.

Apprently in the past decade or so these two companies have changed their brand positioning.  Krispy Kreme while still serving amazingly doughy delicious doughnuts now offers choice.  With Innaguration Day, that choice is on full display with 32 varieties.

Meanwhile, Dunkin’ Donuts has apparently turned into a breakfast and coffee shop leaving doughnut selling behind.  Visit the Dunkin’ Donut website and you will be treated with lots of information about how great their coffee is and how it makes the Dunkin’ Difference, but you won’t easily find much evidence they sell donuts.  If you want to find what the 52 varieties of ‘donuts’ they offer are, you will be  frustrated until you dig down into their About Us>Nutrition>Donuts section of the site.

So if you want a cup of Joe today, go to Dunkin Donuts.  Want a delicious doughnut, then head on over to Krispy Kreme and get your free doughnut.  If you can eat just one, you are a better man than me.

Why Executives Resist Social Media

There are many trends executives resist while plodding along successfully following the status quo.  While it’s understandable for some hesitation in jumping in on “next big thing,” understanding the motivation for that resistance is crucial to making better decisions.

The most recent trend is social media.  Social Media is big.  Millions of people communicate on social networks, blogs, and other social media platforms everyday and it’s evolving in ways that impact businesses as well as consumers.

Executive Motivation

Derived from Steve Borch/David McClellen's Framework

Steve Borch’s article gave me a another perspective of why many executive’s aren’t as interested in social media as others who are jumping on-board in a big way.

Famed Harvard psychologist David McClellen’s personality assessment broke an individuals needs into three basic categories.  Achievement, Affiliation, Power (which was intended to mean influence).

When looking at motivation profile of an executive, one can see why social media doesn’t seem like a place many executives would need to be. Most executives, while not adverse to affiliating with others, are typically more strongly oriented toward achievement and influence.

Social media fanatics, I would argue have much higher affiliation needs than executives.  So convincing a person with high affiliation needs to check out or even embrace social media is easy.  Executives are often different.  Therefore, focusing on the non-affiliation virtues of of social media is key to their acceptance.

There are many other reasons to embrace social media, but many still fear taking the plunge.  If you do take the plunge, my advice is simple, be authentic and persistent.  Social Media isn’t the holy grail for marketers, it’s a means to have a conversation with the world.   So jump in the conversation and start communicating with customers, employees, competitors, and potential customers in real time.  Share, listen, interact, and repeat.

Using Social Media for Good

David Grinder’s blog post “10 ways social media improved lives in 2008.” is an awesome collection of ways social media can be used for good.  The following is his list of 10 ways social media has made an impact in 2008:

1. Gamers and developers raise $1 million for children’s hospitals.
2. Social networking helps find potential kidney donors for a blogger’s daughter.
3. Kiva users lend $36 million to low-income entrepreneurs in 42 countries.
4. Vancouver Twitter users meet up to help the homeless stay warm.
5. Last-minute Tweetup gets 100 people to donate blood.
6. Tweetsgiving racks up $11,000+ in 48 hours to expand a school in Tanzania.
7. SocialVibe raises $250K by making corporate sponsorship cool.
8. Six Degrees and Everyday Hero help people generate millions for their favorite nonprofits.
9. Facebook Causes goes mainstream, revolutionizing how nonprofits build support.
10. Disney donates a children’s book for every comment on a blog

The most amazing thing to me about using social media for change is how quickly people in need and those who can help can connect through various social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  It’s also interesting to see how corporations like Coca-Cola are using a social media widgets like the SocialVibe badge to improve their goodwill and sell more Cherry Coke by co-marketing their brand with a cause on social sites.

Social media is an ideal platform for creating change and doing good.  By marrying social connections with a media platforms that express dire needs and trigger emotional responses, social media is poised to do even more good in 2009!  How are you using social media for good this year?