Winning Brands in Uncertain Times

As a follow up to my last post about the opportunities that abound in our depressed economy, I was thinking about what type of products and brands do well during these times.  In uncertain times, what type of products do you find solace in?

The products and brands that are winners to me are inexpensive and comforting.

Comforting Products & Services

It’s often the simple things in life that make life great.  For me, wireless internet and with a cup of coffee at my local coffee shop, Cafe Driade, or an inexpensive luxury like a 12 minute chair massage at the mall are cost-conscious comforts I enjoy.


PedEgg = Simple Luxury

Simple pleasures like a $19.95 Snuggie, a $10 PedEgg, or  a $3 tube of Burts Bees lip gloss are winners.

This downturn is a fantastic time to launch new products and services.  And for companies with existing products, opportunities abound for you as well.  While others are cutting back on development and offerings, you could be offering a simple pleasure to your product or service line that will put a smile on your customer’s face and improve your bottom line.


One response to “Winning Brands in Uncertain Times

  1. instead of a “Snuggie” i prefer to call mine a “Power Blanket”

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